N. Duncan Mackintosh

Born in Durban, South Africa in 1953, Duncan grew up in that deeply conflicted, yet rich and beautiful land, and after completing a Degree in English and Philosophy, becoming disillusioned with academia and contemporary life in general, he began looking for real sources of wisdom. This brought him to Britain in 1975, where he has lived since. After 10 years of  surviving as a manual worker in Britain while exploring many strands of spirituality and psychology, he found himself unexpectedly entering into a training in the Arts of the Spoken Word (acting, storytelling, and poetry recital) in the esoteric tradition inspired by Rudolf Steiner, the great Austrian seer and philosopher.

After this training he became one of the first storytellers from this tradition to become active in Britain, with a particular love of telling tales from  Africa. He was also a co-founder of the Rose Theatre Co, performing both Shakespeare and childrens theatre, and also Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas over a period of 10 years.

Simultaneously he also began performing sacred poetry, particularly that of the great 13thC Awakened Heart and Sufi poet, Jelaludin Rumi, which he has now been doing now for over 20 years, often accompanied by Presence Workshops.

He has taught storytelling, speech, and drama at Emerson College, both on the International School of Storytelling and on other courses there and elsewhere.  He has been teaching these arts and directing plays at Artemis School of the Living Word (Sussex UK)for some years.

Since his early 20s Duncan has been deeply interested in the mystery and power of  “Presence” particularly ‘when 2 or 3 are gathered’ in the transformation of human consciousness, and has been researching and running workshops on this theme (Presence Work) for over 25 years. This interest has led him to study with several of the most sound and cutting edge spiritual teachers* of our time, and found confirmation and inspiration  for this work from these and other sources.

He has given storytelling and poetry performances worldwide, with particular focus on spiritual awakening. His range of performing experience extends from tiny intimate venues, to performing for thousands at the Royal Festival Hall.

In all his work Duncan is committed to opening spaces where the human soul can awaken to and unfold its True Nature as Love, free of doctrines and beliefs.

* Notably: The teachers based in non-dual traditions and renewing them for the modern person, such as Judith Blackstone, A.H. Almaas, Saniel Bonder, Peter Fenner…

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