Bringing the Imagination to Life

I offer tutoring in the art and craft of storytelling, individually or in groups:

How to bring story alive for an audience through imagination, speech, word, gesture, presence, embodiment, contact, listening etc.

There is a range of skills we naturally use when telling any kind of story to one another. They are completely natural to us, but can become more conscious to us and thus we become more skilled at crafting the invisible into an experience for the audience. By developing our conscious use of all our faculties the ‘palate’ we can use to ‘paint’ with becomes more available and usable,  enabling a richer picture to emerge.

The work of storytelling has many aspects to it and this very fact means that we have to develop or at least extend capacities in ourselves, in the work.

And because storytelling in truth asks that we become able to both identify with and dis-identify from all aspects of  life experience, it is also a potent spiritual path of developement toward flexibility , creativity and freedom.

Storytelling is one of the 3 fundamental modes of word work or speech: the ‘epic mode’- the epic mode ‘recreates’  that which was, brings what has been (or is imagined to have been) to life, but it still remains in the imaginal realm mainly , though dipping into physical reality through the body of the teller. (Whereas the ‘dramatic mode’ of word work or speech creates in full physicality whatever the subject is as if it were happening now.) These modes are always playing into each other, as is the other style of speech , the ‘lyrical mode’.

As well as performing as a storyteller, I have taught storytelling at The International School of Storytelling (with Ashley Ramsden), at Emerson College, and at Artemis School of the Living Word (with Christopher Garvey), as well as in various workshops at many different places.