Rumi Workshops –

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The Way of the Heart

‘You already have the precious mixture that will make you well ~ Use it!


Deepening in Presence and Love

with inspirations from Rumi

Rumi Aliv

‘Stay together friends. Don’t scatter and sleep.
Our friendship is made of being awake.
Stay here, quivering with each moment,
Like a drop of mercury’
Rumi’s words are passionate, wise, beautiful, humorous – and precise.
 Drawing inspiration from his poems, tales and metaphors, and through sharing and simple exercises, we will enquire into our direct experience, and deepen contact with our True Nature, beyond beliefs and doctrines. We endeavour to  gently uncover the source of our well being, through taking seriously the images in the poetry, as direct pointers, as instruction for enquiry, for healing and transformation


“We are the mirror, as well as the face in it
We are tasting the taste this instant of eternity
We are pain and what cures pain both
We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours”




Heart of Rumi Workshops


‘If you have lost heart in the path of Love,
Flee to me without delay,
For I am a fortress invincible’ -Rumi

Rumi’s poems are passionate, beautiful, yet also precise. We will allow their wisdom to guide our inquiry and illumine aspects of our life experience. Through our presence together, guided meditations, movement, sharing, simple exercises, and the extraordinary power of Rumi’s words, we will gently deepen contact with our True Nature.

‘Listen to the presence inside these poems,
Let them take you where they will’

We will explore experientially and through sharing different themes that Rumi mentions, such as :

1.    Presence –personal presence and ‘The Presence’ that sustains and pervades our being. “This that we have now”
2.    Longing – the nature and ultimate aim of desire, understanding, feeling, and realising what we really want “You must ask for what you really want” / ”Longing is the core of the mystery”
3.    Consciousness – the nature and secret of awareness – ‘the mirror’ that Rumi so often mentions in his poems and the power of gazing with each other.’ Gazing house’
4.    Transforming suffering – it’s nature, and what can transform it –‘Guesthouse’/ ”What hurts the soul”
5.    Nonduality- embodied awakening to unity even in apparent separation/ experiencing our true nature, as power, love and awareness -‘The Body is a screen’
6.    Intimacy with the divine, and with each other ‘Lover and Beloved’

We will explore such themes as they occur in Rumi’s words and as we experience them in our selves, and through our shared attentiveness to ourselves, and each other draw sustaining nourishment, wisdom and the grace or baraka (blessing) that Rumi’s work and our gathering naturally evokes.

“There is no companion but Love

     No starting, no finishing, yet a road

The Friend calls from there-

‘Why do you hesitate

                      When lives are in danger?’ ”  -Rumi


some comments:

“Very much enjoyed the day!. The power of simple execises,to be simply more present and what happens when you are is amazing. Thankyou”   – Michael Kaufman

“Please know how much I appreciate your sharing precious gifts of truth. My gratitude goes beyond words. I am inspired to the core of my being- O the joy of connecting with deep, rooted self ! ”    F.

“I  just want to say your workshop moved me deeply. My friend and i both felt that was the highlight of the festival. I have not touched such depth before- thank you.” V , Green Gathering

“My favourite line from Rumi has got to be:  ‘You make my raggedness silky’… The whole weekend for me was about delving into the mystery which makes the above quotation possible…thank you for your commitment to deepening our availability to love and presence.” – Francoise, Devon
 (see review section for more)

“Deeply grateful Duncan for sharing your many gifts, and You. A life-enhancing encounter with Divine Presence / The Beloved in the group. Balm for the spirit, wine for the heart, awakening of the senses, laughter and joy shared amongst us. And your magical solo performance was the icing on the cake! “ – Barbara Sept 2015, Rumi weekend Llansor Mill



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