What is happening?

This page contains some thoughts and information about the current world situation, and in particular the lies and deception humanity is being subjected to… Not for the faint hearted…

(In this respect I differ from many involved in spirituality and ‘inner work’. For although i am in my natural interest, more inclined to the ‘inner’, the mystical, to awakening, and ‘enlightenment’,  and to understanding and healing the core sense of separation most human beings suffer in the subtlest dimension of their beings , i do  nevertheless consider it vital that I try also to be aware of the massive and dangerous illusions, and the indeed the lies, that humanity is being subjected to by the ‘powers that be’ as well. I feel this as a responsibility , and indeed part of the contemporary path of ‘initiation’, at least that we try to be awake and endeavour to discriminate the truth in this increasingly deceptive world.

I call it ‘three monkey spirituality’ to ignore such issues. I do well understand how difficult it is to digest the unbelievable (at first) degree of inhuman awfulness that is afoot on the earth, and still be able to maintain courage, open heartedness, positivity and calm etc, but i  also see that as being part of the challenge in our development at this time. In this regard I owe much to the extraordinarily far sighted insights of Rudolf Steiner. He was pointing out ever a century ago much of what people are only beginning to be able and willing to look at directly.  And he did comment that one of the main challenges of the next period of human evolution involves becoming aware of those forces  and beings whose activities are inimical to the true course of evolution – awareness of ‘evil’, in ourselves and the world. Perhaps I will make some comments in the writings section about understanding what this means. So in this regard I will also provide a small number of links  to sites that I think can be informative in these matters, and perhaps include some other pointers.)

Here i may add pages and info on contemporary issues:

 The Nature of the Beast 

( I will try to add a few links for your research at the bottom of this page … but there is plenty of info out there still, until the internet gets censored…)

A brief cursory overview of  some aspects of The Nature of the Beast in our time – thoughts for your consideration (or not).


 As always the issue is – ignorance of our true nature, and the consequent identification with, and defence of  the forms of belief we are identifying ourselves with – whatever identities/beliefs//images/stories/bodies/culture/consensus realities we individually and collectively have identified with, and therefore protect and defend, or promulgate and cocoon ourselves in – and the consequent difficulty or inability or unwillingness to see through these  forms to  what is actually happening in the relative world, and also to the One identity in all Being.

 Many years ago it struck me that ‘evil’ is really the consequence of mis-identification, and this can take mammoth form in spiritual terms as St Paul observed, or in very small personal ways. Really we only call  something ‘evil’ when it is a conscious manipulation that harms others, even though at root it is done out of deep spiritual ignorance, or loss o contact with the good, and is a kind of compensation for the pain of that loss.  This can be observed in our own souls on a smaller scale, when our limited partial identities are threatened and we do not trust  that we will survive or benefit from letting go  to a deeper wisdom, when we have lost connection to what one of my teachers calls ‘basic trust’ in the benevolence of Reality.

  In our time this deep spiritual ignorance as to who we are and our place in the cosmos takes public form as forms of belief and action that serve limited and selfish (to that ‘identity structure’)ends, as rampant materialism and other distorted perceptions of the nature of reality but also  as deliberate DECEPTION – deception on a massive scale, the deluding of human beings in many ways. Why? This is the big question. I will not go into trying to answer that sticky question here, except to point to the possibility that there are some powerful agendas behind the scenes, that are based in what i have described above, which are both opposed to the true course of human evolution, and paradoxically perhaps serving that evolution, by providing the resistance against and in which we have to exercise our capacities and develope more consciousness and love. (For what else are we doing here !)  It is not that I personally wish it to be so, but it seems that the further we depart form truth the more painful the entrapment in illusion becomes, and the more powerful those who have chosen such a path become.  We know this even in our own little selves, even in the power we give our unconscious self protecting habits, and how resistant these are to letting go, and how persuasive they can be! As above so below.

  My perspective is ultimately that this battle can only be won through awakening Love, even in the midst of full awareness of the delusion and pain abraod, and this seems to concur with the deepest teachings i have found, from whatever tradition. I have been given a few glimpses of the degree of love that is need to bear and heal this human condition, which have shaken me to the core at its impossible magnitude. But Love Itself is astonishingly, ever patient , ever gentle, and ever forgiving.

   This little over view will catalogue some of these deceptions or activities such as : Scientific materialism, Social Darwinism,  fundamentalism, geopolitical machinations, debt based banking and co-opting of all countries willy nilly into this, covert social engineering, corporatocracy by stealth…ownership of all things by the few, etc etc

All these involve forms of Lies and deceit (conscious ‘evil’, and unconscious ‘ignorance’)

 for manipulation, control, power and profit, in very concrete terms.

For example:

-The agenda, fast being implemented, of the Codex Alimentaris- to eliminate or restrict natural, non pharmaceutical medicines and non pharmaceutically based farming, and freedom to choose what one ingest for one’s well being (all in the name of public protection). Suppression of healing methods that are not materialistically based, or do not make profit for the Pharma. (Many examples of this for example in the many cases of suppressed cancer cures)

-Vaccination imposition through fear and ‘moral’ imperative…dismissal of evidence contrary to that agenda through media misrepresentation (considerable evidence that this poisons and weakens the immune system causing various illnesses rather that the stated aim). Prosecution and ridicule of any opposition to this agenda (including for eg the suppression of large evidence that the massive increase in Autism is directly connected to such)

-Economic debt enslavement/entrapment, or overt/covert undermining of every nation which tries to break free of debt based banking system control. Economic and political enslavement through this system  of Debt based banking, the real nature of which is hidden and never exposed on public media. This is likely to be the means of creating a global control system.

-Manipulation of  scientific data and media to corral genuine environmental concern,  to the exclusion of true scientific debate, into creating simplistic one issue (and mistaken) ‘carbon’ emission ‘global warming’ mania, to serve hidden (and well documented) agendas of social control and massive new profit making. This includes the all too obvious sidelining of all the genuine environmental issues of  massive pollution, poisoning, chemical agriculture, genetic contamination etc etc (do you see any hubbub about this real issues?!) (Do the research if you are not aware of this.)

-The creation of corporatocracy by stealth where the rights of individuals and nations are inexorably being eroded and subsumed into unelected hands. The  steering or ownership of politicians by corporate and even more secret interest groups

– The deception of general population through the creation of fear, into supporting the implementation of geopolitical power agendas and wars under the false disguise of combating ‘terror’ and promoting ‘democracy’. Including through the use of ‘False Flag ‘ events such as 9/11, and many other examples in history. The devastation of regions such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and soon Iran, for profit and control of regions resources, and geopolitical power agendas, with the  media entirely complicit in supporting these deceptions.

– Vast nuclear fallout poisoning via warheads used in ‘democratising’ wars of whole regions of  earth and population , the horrific consequences of which (e.g. birth defects in Iraq on a massive  scale) never make it (so far ) onto the mass media.

-The use of ridicule and social exclusion to eliminate any serious public consideration of the ideas or perceptions of those aware and trying to expose the long history of the depth of manipulation being perpetrated (by the ridiculing of “conspiracy theory”) (surprisingly effective) Whereas real history is full  of  actual conspiracies.)

– Economic treadmill enslavement… Survival anxiety, so that it is difficult to look up from the wheel, or do anything about it.

– ‘3 monkey spirituality’ … diverting and channelling the attention of the many of goodwill away from seeing the truth  (Best not to look, hear, speak about anything ‘negative’, or you ‘give it power’). Tricky issue, but would not  real spiritual realization will give more strength and courage to look everything in the face without or despite fear, rather than fearing to look? Most choose to ignore, or at least not address issue. Spirituality that seeks the truth, but not at the expense of challenging the social consensus  our lives are ruled by . For example, people of goodwill still holding on to the notion that Obama is a positive force, believing the absurd rhetoric, but not bothering to be aware of what the man is actually doing! (or how he is simply a puppet of corporate and other deep interests)

– Genetic manipulation and ownership of all forms of life by corporations and all its massive implications, including the disenfranchising of all traditional farming and peasant farmers , and the creating of vast unknown consequences to the health of plants animals and human beings – (lately some research has started to break through into the public eye about the dangers to health, but has quickly been suppressed and the researchers sacked)

-Geoengeneering through spraying particulates into the atmosphere, supposedly to deflect the sun, resulting in poisoning of the earth with aluminium and other substances, and also allowing other means of manipulating weather for power and profit. Clearly happening but still largely denied.

– The ongoing and fast increasing electromagnetic pollution of our total environment (visible and hidden masts all over the place) and all the ill effects (mainly suppressed) of this on nature and human health

–  A vast population culling agenda that is underway, under the guise of  environmental concern and various ‘humanitarian projects’.

– Transhumanism… The project being implemented to create biomechanical organisms/humans.. that seems  ultimately to be  a project of materialization and entrapment of human consciousness in the material world.

– Fracking – destabilising subterranean structures and poisoning water tables of the earth in the name of  quick profit from gas extraction… utterly insane short term thinking.

The suppression of new free technologies that would liberate people from dependence of  fossil fuels etc

We could go on…and on…and on

When will we awaken from the illusion that the controllers and their media are honest and  benign, rather than serving ulterior motives?

What kind of consciousness, can do these things, what kind of conscious being can actually orchestrate this massive scale of illusion and manipulation of humanity ? who is really active? Why and how do leaders of society comply with such blatantly inhuman agendas?

What  kind of consciousness, of beings, are really active here?

What is the war that we are in?

Are we willing, those of us ‘spiritually aware’, to also awaken to  these issues, and not just bury our heads in the sands of  ending our private suffering or only addressing  the problems of our personal egotism?

Discrimination is always the challenge, when sifting through information, and finding courage and being able to keep an open heart while facing all this… but that seems to me to be one of the major challenges, one could even say ‘initiations’ of our time…


May we Realise our True Nature as Love

 in love,


a website that tries to address these issues in a sensitive way that is digestible is


They are many many other resources which as yet are available on the web, though it seems that forces are at work that seek to outlaw dissenting voices including access to such on the internet…

Every source has its bias etc, so one must continously try to exercise the sense for truth to discriminate. Here are some sources where one may glean some useful perspectives and information

Perhaps a warning about disinformation to start! –  http://www.zengardner.com/the-25-rules-of-disinformation/








http://www.rinf.tv/                 many good videos on whats happening





etc etc