The Emergent Self

This is a sketch as yet unedited and uncorrected.. awaiting attention…

The Emergent Self

  From formless dimensions, consciousness has moved through first subtle hardly differentiated  forms  gradually becoming aware in and as more and more individualised forms and then increasingly become identified with being a form material… and in that form highly individualised , unique and separate. in this state and all its permutations, individuals  it seems, are gradually becoming aware that they are not just that which they are aware of being as form, role, body, position, social affiliation , psychological type or pattern- but are aware of being aware. This may seem obvious or nothing special , but it could be seen as a momentous transition in evolution. For being aware of being awareness , becoming conscious that more fundamentally that any form we are aware of, we are more essential awareness itself, and that absolutely everything depends on that fact (we would not be aware of anything at all otherwise).

 Awareness, is not a form it notices form, in fact because ‘it’ is not a form it cannot be noticed except initially by inference , but eventual as a recognition, a tacit  recognition of being. In actuality if one allows the direct experience of this fact of being aware  one may notice that this is utterly alive, absolutely new, undying ever renewing self effulgent presence, that IS, prior to any efforts of the supposed self to be aware of it or do anything.

   So this that we most essentially are – this awareness presence , this beingness, this amness – is no form, it is the original formless nature that we were, are and always will be , but now conscious of itself in the midst of the densest of forms. and as this deepens and the identity begins to shift from the body/psyche/ form to the more central identity of formless awareness, we begin to notice that  everyone is essentially same awareness presence  as well. This may be very shocking for the self awareness that is identified with the form it is living as , and how different that is from all others. 

 We may observe if we  follow what is happening in the world that there are in the midst of all the many phenomena of our time, many people spontaneously , suddenly, gradually, or after great efforts (and failure), ‘falling into a natural awareness of this fundamental  unity of their being with the being of all being , often called ‘oneness’   or classically not two ness.

 This seems to presage a massive if slow birthing of a new emergent Selfhood of mankind, and selfhood that has the possibility of being coherent with the whole because recognising its identity with all.  This awareness has been ‘attained’, or glimpsed by various men and women ‘ahead of their time’ as we say, saints and sages, artists  etc, but it seems (to the author) that there is now occurring an unprecedented ‘awakening’ , or Emergence of a next stage human awareness. What will be the consequences of this? Out of such an awareness old ‘forms’ of law fall away as the mutuality of all beings becomes self evident.

   Even though this is happening, the trend if general culture seems to be heading in the opposite direction in many ways, with more restrictions, more fear, more legal bindings at every level, less trust between human beings. Yet individually if we are aware we know that we are becoming freer at some core level the more we realise and relax into this emergent self, this natural awareness presence we are.

   What are the distortions and obstructions to this?

 Distortions can often be seen in what emulates, or imitates something real, but lacks its inner reality. We can see this in all forms of creation of standardisation, of collectivising taste , of  making everyone want and enjoy the same forms , but binding people while seeming to offer them freedom. By chaining people , whole countries to debt and  thence to force all into more and more centralised economic systems and corporate control,  gradually while offering ‘ease’  and mass communication, making everyone more and more dependent on  technological gadgets , or technologically centralised items (such as genetically modified seeds).


   This theme of  the evolution of human freedom – illusion or reality, and being able or at least willing to enquire and  discriminate is a vital aspect of our time and the future of human culture rests on it.

 The hope I have despite the immense illusion and delusion  that mankind is subject to in our time see at so many levels , is that there is a real emergence however gradual of a deeper more coherent sense of identity happening in humanity.


 At the personal level this enquiry into what is image and what is actuality in ones direct experience, as a continuous opening into being more real , and is I think the ground for being able to meet the challenges of our time and the future, as well as being simply essential for our fundamental sanity and well being.