African Tales reviews


  “Exploring the folk tales of Africa under Duncan’s expert guidance was truly unique experience. The material itself was spellbinding, but when  conveyed with such dramatic skill and narrative expertise, interwoven with delightful humour, it was unforgettable.

 One testimony to the success of Duncan visit was the large number of pupils who returned for a “second helping” at the evening performance for the public and parents”  – Gareth David, Teacher, Michael House School

“ To keep 120 small children spellbound for one hour is no mean feat, yet he held the entire department captive. Even now weeks later I hear haunting strains of an African song he taught us coming from the playground. Duncan’s performance helped to motivate the children into a deep spiritual awareness of all that is good true and beautiful.”  – Dorothy Battye Teacher

 “ Duncan wove a magic spell transporting over a hundred children to Africa. Everyone listened entranced as Duncan re-lived the wonderfully rich stories in such a vital and lively way, that even the most ordinary statement thrilled the ear. Even now weeks later after the performance, the children remember with enthusiasm how many characters appeared before them and ask about the ‘talking stick’.

– Jean Humphreys, Head Teacher, Brunswick School, Sheffield

“ Duncan’s determination to touch the universal human spirit beneath social and cultural differences was warmly felt in his rich, warm, and energetic performances” Gerry Josephson. Educationalist, Sydney, Australia

“Just a note to say thank you very much for your recent storytelling evening here. It was thoroughly delightful! ( The actual words of our retired Waldorf teacher co-worker here were : He knocks the socks off all the other storytellers we have had here”). We liked so much the range of stories you told – short to longer and from different countries. The dramatic possibilities you have in your acting, gesture, accents, and singing abilities greatly enhance the telling. I and others greatly appreciated the fact that the stories often had  a finely woven-in moral – giving them an extra relevance without hammering the message.”                                                                                – Joan Harris Camphill Milton Keynes

“ Duncan Mackintosh proved that a white ex-south African can live into the heritage of  their black countrymen – he stepped before the audience and coaxed two old folk tales out of his story stick, drawing from old African wisdom to hit the bulls eye of contemporary life. His bush stories performed at the Weitenhof with great power of expression were highly applauded.” –  a Frankfurt newspaper, Germany

“That is the first time I have listened to Duncan’s stories,  and I was blown away!  Thank you so much for the heads up.  I just loved every minute of it!” – Sally

“A compelling Bardic storyteller” -Sussex Express

“Your presentation was a complete success – the whole age group from 7-13 were utterly riveted from beginning to end, and staff and children alike equally appreciated the excitement and variety of the performance.”  -Headmaster, Rose Hill School, Tunbridge Wells

“Each audience was entranced by his powerful, dramatic delivery. the stories, although from another world, another time, are so relevant and the discussions that followed showed how ready young children are to accept and appreciate another culture. We look forward to another visit” -Head Teacher, Malcliffe Primary School, Sheffield

 “Duncan Mackintosh held us entranced with his traditional tales from Africa. All these stories were immediately accessible to everyone and many of the audience chortled with delight throughout.

One saw tropical animals and native peoples, limpid rivers and African trees, all under the blazing sun. Two hours seemed like twenty minutes!”  -The Grange Oaklands Newsletter, Gloucestershire

“The performance was quite unexpected and in a class of its own. Why the performance made such an impression was not only the rich imagination, the colourful scenery and the good rapport with the children, but Duncan’s experience of Africa. He was able to identify with his characters in their language, movement, song. Their was a captivating presence which conveyed the essence of Africa at a time when traditional values are fast disappearing.”  – J.M Surkamp, Principle, Ochil Tower Rudolf Steiner School for Children in Need of Special Care, Scotland