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There are at present 2 CDs you can purchase here

 Both are of Rumi

        The First is  “THIS BEING HUMAN”

  Poems and stories of Jelaluddin RUMI, with Ashley Ramsden and myself speaking Rumi text (Coleman Barks versions) and accompanied by Paul Chenoir and some other fine musicians. This was recorded in a Studio over 15 years ago.

         The Second is “BURNING”,

a recording of a live event in Feb 2012, which is solo, and ‘raw’,  just accompanied by my little ‘walkabout Dulcimer’ (which has been my companion for many years, providing gentle waves on which Rumi’s words can float.)  Many people have asked me to get a live performance recorded for them as the ambience and intensity is so different when with an audience. However I never seem to get such things organised myself – So I have taken advantage of this one event that was recorded at St James Piccadilly.  Surprisingly, despite my having an awful flu at the time, it seems to carry, according to many, a ‘transmission’…

 You can order them from me direct:  Tel. UK 01342 824514

This Being Human, £12. incl. postage (UK)

                    Burning, £10. incl. postage (UK)


  from Reviews of  “THIS BEING HUMAN”  CD

Poems and stories of Jelaluddin RUMI

“If you’ve never before come across the writings of the 13th C mystic poet Jelaluddin Rumi then you’re in for a real treat with this album.If you know his works then you know that he reaches both to the depths of humanity and to the heights of wisdom . On this album Rumi’s words are recited in all their beauty and  rawness to the enchanting musical accompaniment of flute, oud(Arabic Lute), tablas(Indian drums) and double bass. The stories ,parables, tales of love and intoxication push you to the edge of understanding, using words to  point at the inexpressible. In the same way the music is completely unplanned and in the moment and compliments the words so easily. It is rare to find an album of poetry set to music that is as perfectly balanced as this.”   – Caduceus Issue 41

“…the overall effect will transport you into the world of the Persian view of divine fire and love, and give great insight into the life of one of the most inspiring and mystical of men”  – Cygnus

“…The stories and poems are told by Duncan Mackintosh and Ashley Ramsden … like jewels set in the gold of the music…the writing and playing is from deep in the spirit”  – Geoffrey Totton, International Music Forum ,NZ

“This entertaining recording places the flute of Paul Chenour plus middle eastern style band with two actors reciting amusing (sometimes saucy) 13thC philosophy. The results are superb…this skillfully mastered recording will provide endless enjoyment …thoroughly worthwhile recording to add to your collection.”                                                                                     – Mark Goodwin, Flutewise

“…the poems selected here are short but concentrated parables in which paradox, irony, and metaphor provoke a bewildering kaleidoscope of ideas. The path to enlightenment leads through necessarily through suffering, through ecstasy, fear ,laughter, confusion, and even eroticism. The two readers speak clear King’s English with style and the editing and making are natural and dramatically effective. A stimulating and  thought provoking CD, possibly unlike anything you may have heard before.”   – Richard Stagg, Journal of British Flute Society

“Beautiful atmospheric background music accompany a moving recital of allegorical works of  one of the world’s greatest poets and Sufi master who lived in 13th C AD in Persia”   – Yoga and Health

Many people have said to us how often, sometimes daily,

 they  listen to this CD, and how much they continue to get from it.

 Well, the depths of Rumi’s words ARE endless!