Aphorisms for the work

Aphorisms for the work:

We are only partly here.

Human beings /souls can only truly incarnate  /unfold /arrive /develop when they are seen and loved.

The substance of the soul is love.

The aspect of Presence we call love is the necessary ground for human beings to develop in.

We could say the aspect of Love we call presence is the necessary ground for existence at all!

Being is becoming conscious of Itself in existence as us.

We are all filtering the force of Being – when we gather and open , we radiate far more being-awakening-force, which can act as a catalyst for awakening          (‘the body itself is screen to shield and partially reveal the light that is blazing inside your presence’-Rumi).

Open attention , if we allow it to be released from our holdings , attitudes , judgments,  becomes love.

What has not been able to be seen and accepted/witnessed and embraced, becomes split off and unavailable to us, keeps us contracted, away ,out of being truly here – remains undigested. This blocks our incarnation.

Everything needs to be digested .

Being-Consciousness, our True nature, CAN digest everything , this is It’s , our, true Will.

To truly arrive here we need to be seen, witnessed , accepted in our entirety ;   or maybe it is only necessary that we are seen in essence, that our being feels welcome? We can help each in this, profoundly so.

Our deepest longing is to be and know the whole of our Being – is to be Divine and human (our deepest  longing is always heretical to any imposed limit) – this is never finished.

Our root and deepest pain is being and feeling separate from our root and true being (which we already are) – this is a paradox – hence the laughter of those who awaken!

The spring of existence is LOVE.

We are helpless until we realize our helplessness.

There is only Being Being – we are That