presence work

Presence Workshops and Sessions

There are many possible descriptions of this work:

here is one from some years back:

‘Don’t run from Love’s embrace
Stop being the hunter, and become the hunted!’
 – Rumi

Transformative work for those who are called and willing to enter deeply into the direct experience of the paradox of being limited, finite, beings and manifestations of non finite Beingness. In this work we embrace exactly our current experience and simultaneously allow ourselves to be immersed in That Presence which is the source and context of all experience.  This allows a natural alchemical transformation to occur, as as we relax our  egoic resistance to the emergence and unfolding of  That Mystery which is our True Nature and Being.
This is tender, yet fiery work, based on the principal of “When two or three are gathered…I AM there”, or ‘Satsang’ (keeping the company of Truth),  and basic principles of the perennial nondual wisdom traditions. The empowering means is our mutually dedicated  gift of open welcoming attention and presence, and surrendering into the spacious depth field of our innate consciousness.
We can do far more for each other in the awakening process that we may realise, because the source of our awareness IS the unified source of all. Often participants have described this as ‘Holy Work’- which it is. The work does not depend on any belief system, but does require a degree of self responsibility, openness, trust, and willingness to give and receive attention. The process of each person’s unfoldment is always organic and unique to them. The attempt is  to allow the mystery of the Presence to ‘do the work’, and I claims no special powers or states, but merely facilitate, engage, and enjoys the wonder of what happens (or doesn’t), and the extra-ordinary beauty that usually emerges in and as each person.


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  1. jack rixon

     /  December 4, 2018

    Hi duncan.

    I came to you through judith Blackstone. Id like to start my realization prpcess with you. Im curious what it entails but i know i carey a lot of traumas

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