Presence Work reviews

The Alchemy of Presence workshops – comments

“Deeply grateful Duncan for sharing your many gifts, and You. A life-enhancing encounter with Divine Presence / The Beloved in the group. Balm for the spirit, wine for the heart, awakening of the senses, laughter and joy shared amongst us. And your magical solo performance was the icing on the cake! “ – Barbara Sept 2015, Rumi weekend Llansor Mill

“Thank you so much for that wonderful workshop… What I experienced there keeps me going and helped me a few times in difficult moments already, especially with the trust that this presence inside myself really exists, although I haven’t been able to find that place again in the same way… But I know it is here ! The work is so simple, nothing spectacular, but very efficient. I reached a place where I had never been after years of searching in so many different paths… Extraordinary”- Priscilla

“Thank you so much for a beautiful day last Sunday. You really have a genuine gift for facilitating this wonderful work, so please do keep going with it! The fact that you’ve travelled to such a depth with your own soul-searching is, I’m sure, part of the key to such a gift. You directly drink from the nectar of the Beloved, yet you also experience and understand the myriad forms of our individual sorrows as we walk this path. This makes you a sensitive bridge between these two realms. “-Paul

“Dear Duncan, I have truly appreciated your last workshop. It’s so remarkable what was possible so instantly in a way on that day, so good to have felt myself in that deeper place of presence which I cannot do when I practice on my own. At times it felt like being completely immersed in this warm vibrant energy field that was there filling the space…what an experience..and it keeps on nourishing me even now. It’s wonderful to benefit form your way of having deepened this kind of work for yourself over a long time I guess, even though we’re all creating something together too. Connecting to the others during our inquiries was very special too.   So sending my deep appreciation.” Love, Riem

“Thank you, Duncan, for continuing this work.
From last time, just a simple one-day workshop, no pressure, no hassle, but it sank deep, I kept benefiting.
For those of you who don’t know Duncan’s work, here it is:
An exceptionally warm, gentle, non-intrusive teacher, who gives you lots of space to dig deep. That’s Duncan. Of course I am coming, how could I not!” – Livia

        “Through sensing our Being permeating the body and being aware of thought processes but not identifying with them, we meet each other exactly as we are at this moment, allowing eternity to shine through. Usual defenses relax and melt into naked True Nature. Being recognises itself in another and is drawn to itself with magnetic force. Walls are acknowledged and therefore crumble. The fire of attention which is love accelerates the cooking, All that appears is recognised and ‘digested’ until we experience the Great Mystery of who we are. 

         The process integrates the experience of being a separate individual with being one with all and everyone. It brings both  psychological healing and connection to the space which holds us.”     -Agata Krajewski

“Thank you so much for that wonderful workshop !… The work is so simple, nothing spectacular, but very efficient. I reached a place I had never been after years of searching in so many different paths… Extraordinary”- Priscilla          

“Thank you… You really have a genuine gift for facilitating this wonderful work, so please do keep going with it! You directly drink from the nectar of the Beloved, yet you also experience and understand the myriad forms of our individual sorrows as we walk this path. This makes you a sensitive bridge between these two realms” Paula

 ‘Duncan’s “The Alchemy of Presence” brought me to a new level of knowing, namely that the silent Presence (or silent Observer) is me – strong and unchanging.

That means that I now leave the tools that will enable me to approach my life from a stronger and more peaceful place.’  Sue Plumtree, London (Skyros)

 ”A great facilitator- spirit-led. So spontaneous, sensitive, giving space for Spirit to do its work.”                                                                                      -Jasmine , Forest Row

  “I feel I owe you a great deal – all of your courses and presence work were a cut above any that I have had……Gold…..Thank you so much”     -Kristi,Storyteller, Seattle

 “ Duncan’s skillful facilitation and non-judgemental interventions encouraged me and allowed me to explore without my inner critic taking over. I was able to go beyond what I recognise as the numbness that pervades my inner self to discover a self-sustaining energy. There is so much more to me than the vulnerable personality I feel sometimes as I face the world – there is a part that accepts without criticism and loves unconditionally – a part I haven’t been listening to.

 This weekend was a wonderful oasis of “being” in a world of “doing”. Watching others getting in touch with their true selves and letting go of old hurts allowed a releasing within myself. Duncan managed the process so that whatever came up for each of us was accepted as being exactly right for the individual. Witnessing this was extremely touching. At the end of the weekend I was left with a strong sense of peace within myself and towards others.”                                                              – Celia B. CMIPD Management Consultant/Trainer.

 “I cannot thank you enough for my ‘vision of reality’- it will never leave me (nor I it!). You are a fine midwife”.                                                           – Estelle Bryer, S.Africa

 “an amazing  evening/day…  I am still bathed in the beauty of it all and have noticed a  positive shift in my behaviour & outlook on loves, friendships and life as a whole.  Thank You so much for being instrumental in that. Your  gentleness and deeply loving nature has helped me greatly. Ah, yes, that’s what you have opened up for me – I am laughing much more on  a real heart-felt level. It is so healing, so joyous!  Thank You and Thank You again.”                 Claire, London                                                                        

 “The course was an affirmation of Reality, Powerful and Giving… a great and loving person ” -Michael E, London

“Duncan is a wonderful group facilitator – everything just flows with ease. Inspiration and insight come like playfulness. Many Thanks”            -Christiane M, London 

“Very much enjoyed the day!. The power of simple execises,to be simply more present and what happens when you are is amazing. Thankyou”     – Michael K London

 “The words of Rumi – and other Spirit poets – filled the space as a Divine Presence. Every poem, every story was spoken with such intensity of Presence that there seemed to be only One in the room : the audience and the speaker were in complete unity. Duncan’s artistry and his own passionate resonance and identification with the timeless Truth and wisdom in the words of these poets bathed and nourished us.

           The Presence that had been felt so strongly during the evening stayed with me through the night. The workshop the following day was a beautifully gentle and supportive process; and now the presence began to be delicately unveiled and grounded in us through the simple exercises.  There were tears and laughter. It was a new experience for me to give space to others to just ‘be’ and to be supported in just ‘being’ myself. This space allowed deep compassion to well up in me for each person there. To experience another human being totally without judgement, without barriers, just as they are, was a beautifully freeing process.

             Now the  poetic words of Rumi that we had heard the night before began to live inside us as we began to unfold our own timeless Truth. Duncan works out of  a deep love and sense for the Truth – unsensational, yet truly profound.”   – Philippa Timewell, Scotland.

Some review extracts from above and new ones:

“A great facilitator- spirit-led.  Spontaneous, sensitive, giving space for Spirit to do its work.”                                                      Jasmin, E.Sussex                                                                                                     

“- a wonderful oasis of ‘being’ in a world of doing’”.  – Celia Bourne CMIPDr, Bristol

“I cannot thank you enough- this will never leave me.. You are a fine midwife”                                         – Estelle Bryer,Teacher, S.Africa                                                                                                             

“Then the poetic words of Rumi began to live inside us as we began to unfold our own timeless Truth. Duncan works out of a deep love and sense for the Truth – unsensational, yet truly profound.

                                                                            Philippa Blakestone,Scotland 

“…thank you again for the deeply moving transmission on Saturday and for the very special workshop that followed. I found the day was enormously rewarding and it touched me deeply” Abigail

“I  just want to say your workshop moved me deeply. My friend and i both felt that was the highlight of the festival. I have not touched such depth before….thank you.”      Vanessa

Duncan Mackintosh’s workshops create a deep and beautiful sense of release into a field of Love, like basking in celestial Sunshine.  Duncan offers simple practices that help us sink into ourselves, here and now, in an attitude of total acceptance. There is no judgement. We are encouraged to inhabit different parts of our body/being, and discover that nothing we experience or feel or share is judged. Despite all our usual doubts and fragilities and insecurities, all is received as beautiful; all is absolutely welcomed. We discover an all-pervading bedrock of compassion and acceptance for ourselves.
 There is no sense that he is the ‘expert’and we the fumbling beginners. Yet he manages with exquisite delicacy and subtlety to provide just the right words to unlock any knots that one of us happens to be stuck in. We are lifted up by being received by him with such deep appreciation and compassion. It is such a relief to feel so utterly allowed to be, just there and then, warts and all, in whatever mood we are, or state of being. It is like letting go. It feels like coming home to something I have longed for all my life but couldn’t name. It is very moving.
I come away joyful and energised. I feel calmer, clearer and simpler, like I’ve been cleansed of some of my complications. All the next week I feel very open and able to love myself and those around me more, and it all seems so easy.
It is a state of Grace that transforms; the most powerful spiritual work I have come across.”  

M. Stroud

“dear Duncan,
the weekend showed Q and myself how to deepen in unconditional presence, and how to use this as a tool for inviting greater intimacy and communication in our relationship.
 the workshop opened me up to the depths of my longing to be ‘torn open’, and invaded by divine presence, and allowed me to experience this depth of longing in a group of people who allowed themselves to be naked, vulnerable and open with each other in their inquiry into an authentic relationship with all that is.
Your performance was a gift from the heart of love, which contains both ferocity and tenderness, helplessness and majesty…My favourite line from Rumi has got to be:  ‘You make my raggedness silky’…The whole weekend for me was about delving into the mystery which makes the above quotation possible.
thank you for your commitment to deepening our availability to love and presence.  May you be blessed with your deepest wishes coming true!

 “Duncan held the space in a very sensitive, gentle, uplifting humble and intuitive manner, meeting the needs of the course and participants.”

-“A strong course going so deep.”

-“The care , devotion, presence with which everything was done and said,  bringing us into awareness, and the spoken poetry!”

-“beautiful, gorgeous”

“deep,  positive, helpful” 

 “We would also like to say a big thank you for the weekend which we both found inspiritional and moved us in many ways!

In discussion afterwards we decided that it would have been good if we could have had at least two more days to work with you or you work us(!) one or the other so perhaps if you do any more workshops down this way again you might let us know.

The performance on Saturday night was magical and I was inspired by the way you used music while telling the stories. The music seemed to increase the poignancy of the words and the silences.

Love and blessings,    Stella and Neil

 “Please know how much I appreciate your sharing precious gifts of truth.My gratitude goes beyond words.I am inspired to the core of my being, O the joy of connecting with deep, rooted self. Do please let me know when/where I can discover more of this, I feel a deep calling, and I have been searching forever with sometimes more, sometimes less hope.

Thank you”   F.

 ‘We had the great pleasure of welcoming Duncan Mackintosh to the Coach House for a day on Presence and an evening on the delights of the poetry of Rumi. Presence being that timeless space where the boundaries of the individual ‘I‘ meld into the Universal ‘I’ and we KNOW in that eternal moment that we are one with All That Is and All That Is, is one with us.

“We are the mirror as well as the face in it                                                                                                  We are tasting the taste this instant of eternity.

We are the pain and what cures pain both                                                                                              We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours”.

 Duncan’s eloquent rendering of the poetry of Rumi held us ‘captive to a love too deep for naming in this world’.  It affirmed for me that the dictum ‘Know Thyself’ must lead to a greater understanding of the One from whom that very self arises.  Someone wrote ‘ we have been loved into being’.  So many people who come to the Coach House are searching for an answer to such fundamental questions as to – Is there a God?  Who am I? What is my purpose? Rumi’s invitation to ‘Come, come whoever you are’ encapsulates for me the invitation that is being offered to us all.  ‘We are the mirror and the face in it’ but so often we only see ourselves as our little finite self and forget that we are also infinite Self.  We are the One in the diversity of Being, so the more we can truly know ourselves the closer we are in relationship with God.’