The Pearl


  The Pearl of Great Price 


Finding in the Soul 

the Essence of

our True Divine Being


“The Universal Soul touches an individual soul
and gives it a Pearl to hide in the chest.
A new Christ lives in you from that touch.
Every word I say
is trying to coax a response
from That.
– Rumi

this is usually a 3 to 5  day workshop


In this work we journey through the ancient Gnostic Myth –    The Hymn of the Pearl.
The subject of this profound myth is the soul´s journey from his/her divine origins, into incarnation, to bring to birth a new possibility in Being. In the supportive and intimate crucible of the group we will explore,through simple exercises of enactment, enquiry and gentle attention in presence, how this profoundly archetypal story resonates within each of our lives and with the challenges humanity faces now.
The Poetry of Rumi and other great souls will support the work

This workshop carries a strong quality of being ‘World Work’ – that is, as well as being a personal exploration, a subtle inner work for humanity happens in the workshop.  It follows a cycle over 3 days, and it is important that all participants commit to being there through the whole process. 

                                   “Duncan works out of a deep love and sense for the Truth ”  – Philippa Timewell 


“I dive down into the ocean of forms
                     to gain the perfect pearl of the formless.”     -Tagore


The Pearl of Great Price

A Intensive Workshop
The Pearl of Great Price
Imagination, Truth, and Presence

“The Universal Soul touches an individual soul
And gives it a Pearl to hide in the chest
A new Christ lives in You from that touch” 
– Rumi

Direct experience of our embodied presence and the creative imagination are doorways into  our True Nature, particularly as we gather in dedicated mutual support. We will explore the images and journey of a Gnostic ‘Pearl Story’ (the Hymn of the Soul), as a way into our inner experience.
An adventure of love and awakening for those seeking direct experience of, and deepening in, the dynamic mystery of our essential being. We will journey together through  simple exercises of  subtle awareness, mutual attention, movement, archetypal story, spontaneous imaging, and open enquiry, welcoming each other’s unique unfolding ‘Pearl nature’.

“People are going back and forth across the doorsill
Where the two worlds touch
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep”