Poems – my own

Some poetry that has emerged  from this heart, that is related to the themes of this website:




“The invisible Source

is my Beloved, the Friend,

That One I am always seeking to be with.


Yet sometimes

  I am inexorably drawn

to a visible friend

whose presence brings

The Presence

of love

into this world.


These friends can

break my heart open

Break, and make the

two worlds



I thank them.”




“To hold still

In Devotion to THAT,

to hold still


 in the midst of everything,

that the heart




to the Beloved in love


To remain undistracted,

beyond the possibility of distraction

to return the wayward soul

to That

 to YOU



To BE That


that everyone i see

everyone who sees me

is turned toward That too


 that is the mystery

 of the saints I love”

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This Broken Marriage     (May 97) 

This broken marriage

of soul

                and spirit

infects the body

with diverse


of defense


The pain breaks through

as grief,

      as illness,

           as anger,

                 as longing.

Embrace these gifts.


               the invitation

to re-enter the union 

Don’t collude

             with the defenses 

Be patient

You are Here

For This.



Only Truth                (Nov. 97)

Only truth gives freedom

only truth generates love

For love and freedom

are born, sprung from

the real –

“I honour those who try to rid

Themselves of any lying

who empty the self

and have only clear being there”

This is no easy task

but what else is worth being

but truth,


which sets us free

Truth which frees us to love

Little truths are the way to Truth

just following the unfolding,

however painful

& twisted

the unravelling.


Rumi weeping_2

the thorn

Paint the sky with poetry

Buckle on your positivity

Wash your hands


and again..

This may distract you

But don’t think




the Thorn

from your


The only balm


to become the thorn

conscious in this pain

conscious as the Heart.

Only then

  oh brother, sister

when you let

this be

will you

Break Open

to That


You Are.


“Become the thorn,

so that always ,

beside you,

there will be

                                              Roses”    -Rumi    March 2002


In august 2012 , while in Scotland

preparing to perform Rumi

this happened

I had a dream

in which a lovely woman
so warm, so kind, so easy
befriended me…

she leaned softly, tenderly,
not away from,
but into my pain…

so naturally,

 as a true Friend.

I said

 “you are such a balm to my soul!”
she answered quietly,


”I have become love”

then smiled and laughing said
“I am so happy!”

there was simple gratitude in her laughter


and a knowing

I asked her name

she said

“ Heaven “

I knew I was dreaming

and couldn’t get
her contact address!


and I know too

that she

she is what we can become.

                                                  -August 2012


The Dawn  (received Berlin Jan. 95)

Don’t sleep tonight my friend.

Your waiting has been long-

Don’t sleep through

the dawn.

The dawn is breaking –

even in this darkness

even in the void,

the chaos of this long night

The dawn is breaking.

Even now

when you wonder

if the shoots of light

appearing, vanishing,

are real or not –

Even now when bats still

career across the dark sky

and owls hoot

The dawn is breaking

Stay awake

a little longer

my friend

The heart is cold with the long

cold bite of this long

cold night.

Fearful images of loss and confusion,

dreams of unending pain

still flit about

in this dark.

Be patient,

endure their presence,

whisper to them ever

in confidence

‘ the light is coming’

Yes the dawn is long,

is slow,

the light indistinct,

But what is time in

the face of

Eternal Certainty

My friend

stay close



Live for my World Soul


The Dawn is coming.