Realization Process/ Judith Blackstone


An Integrated Approach to Psychological Healing, Embodiment and Spiritual Awakening developed by Judith Blackstone

Realization Process is a work developed by Judith Blackstone, with whom I have trained, and whose work and contribution to the understanding of  the awakening process I value highly. I offer this work as she teaches it, and also incorporate it in modified form in my other work.

It is a deeply integrating approach to ‘self-realization’, to attuning to ‘nondual’or ‘fundamental’ consciousness, in a practical, thorough  way, through subtle bodily based meditation and movement exercises.

You can read in detail about this work on her site, and in her wonderfully sane and helpful books. (‎). In time I will write more about it here.

There are 3 sections to Judith’s  trainings in this work-

I am certified to teach Realization Process Embodiment work,

and to practice Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy  (Subtle Self Work).

I am in the process of completing the Meditation training section.

Individual and group tutoring, practice, or guidance in this subtle and beautiful work is available on request, in person and over skype.